On a flight

Flying, flying… above a dozen clouds of a white, fluffy texture, some with a clear shape of something, others challenging me to baptize them with the endless, cheeky waves of imagination.

I am sitting in a spacious seat, by the window, which gives me the opportunity to admire One’s creation, as the sun is touching life warmly, leaving no corner unrevealed or left alone in saddening oblivion. With a nice glass of peach juice on my right side, a filling meal, also on my right and my faithful laptop in front of me, the balance is set and the inspiration hits me. Before I start, you’re probably wondering how come I have so much space on the plane, to have the food and the computer on one table and still be comfortable. Lucky me, the right seat is empty. 😊 It was probably destiny…

I am always relaxed up here, at such a high altitude. It seems like time stands still, or that I’m closer to Heaven, as if I’m offering myself a break from the unleashed Hell below. The world seems a much better place from the perspective of a passenger. It leaves the impression of a perfect shape, quite, innocent, sleepy even, with nothing to worry about, only spreading its arms towards the unconditional warmth of the sun. I don’t think that the world is a bad place at all… only the people living in it tend to implement wrong principles and aggression, to satisfy their impulses and hunger for what they desire most. Animals are aggressive too, but they don’t destroy the world we are living in…. perhaps we should learn a little something from our silent friends, as they are much closer to nature then we’ll ever be.

A soft hello from a smiling air hostess, awakes me from my sweet contemplation as she asks me if there is anything else I’d like to have. I ask for a glass of water and a pillow, to make myself even more comfortable. As the journey continues effortlessly, giving away the feeling that we’re always not moving, I spot another plane, passing by, not far away from us and… jeez! It moves fast, darn thing! How time flies by… Technology does improve at an accelerating rate! As I continue to stare at the window, my mind refuses to think of anything in particular again. It just wants to get lost into the vast image of endless terrain and fluffy clouds, feeding my inner child’s curiosity and my appetite for exploration. It is a fairy tale view, perfect in every way. I wonder if Heaven will look like this too. After all I’ve been through in life and the rest to come, I do desire to rest in peace, in a place that has some sort of resemblance. As I knew the captain of the flight, I managed to ask him a quick question when he came out of the cabin for a toilet break (yes, pilots do need to pee as well, from time to time).

“Captain! I address him. Do you think we are closer to Heaven here, in the plane? I was thinking that maybe we could knock on Heaven’s door, to be the first to see it alive! I saw what Hell looks like, down there. I supposed my answer was up here”.

The captain starts laughing and as pilots always have a free spirit and a more romantic view over life itself, he tells me.

“Dear girl, why do you need a door to enter the premises, when the door is only our way to comprehend that we’ve reached the desired place? If a place feels like Heaven to you, you’ll know it in your heart and that is what you are looking for.“

I gaze at him, thinking about the cool answer he has given to me.

“Roger that, Captain! Wise answer you gave, deep soul you posses!”

“Ahaha… you a fan of Star Wars?”

“Always and forever!”

As we’re talking for a few more minutes, before he prepares to go back into the cabin full of black buttons and shiny lights, he turns around and says, with a cheeky smug on his face.

“You know, there is also another way to reach Heaven forever…”

“What is that?” I say curiously, expecting another cool answer.

“We could always go down and check, you and the other 200 passengers. 😊

“Now that is a no no no… thanks… very thoughtful, but no no…

He then starts laughing again at the expression on my face and heads back into the black, leaving me in a small shock for a few more seconds. Pilots and their jokes… always having to finish with a joke and a bad one, too. All of a sudden, an aggressive wave of turbulence hits us and I freeze… but then I suddenly figure out it was the captain mocking me. Darn, these pilots… I hope this was his last joke… and I go back to my sweet Heaven, on the window seat, getting lost again, into the deep horizon.

We will be landing shortly…


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