I am having a sense of change, in my already deeply engaged body into acceleration. I think I like to go through life fast, so I can miss very little of the commotion around me. Seeing how people around me give life a meaning, by taking it easy and taking each moment day by day, I honestly think I have fast forwarded it by 9 or 10 times at least. I am more than convinced that I have skipped a few more dozen natural steps, making the journey, like Einstein said in one of his physics theories, an accelerated one. If I am to go by his theorem, an accelerated body has a longer life expectancy (if it is in space, but anyways). So if that is true, I am only to believe that I have probably chosen, maybe not at the beginning, but certainly as I grew older, to get the taste of a much different life. I kind of chose immortality, over the natural course of the human life expectancy, by living at a fascinating pace of change, lingering not more than a week or two in one place, constantly adapting to new environments, cultures and different ways of thinking.

Till now and still going forward, I think I have easily lived a dozen other lives, as time stands still at certain moments, giving it value, being memorized as a thousand pictures, deep into the subconscious. My life gets just the right amount of taste from so many varied regular ones, from different corners of the world, making me like one of those distinct wine tasters. I don’t live it fully, but I get so many pieces from one huge puzzle, that in the end, I get a clearer and more satisfied view over this world we’re living in. I like to think of myself as a… how should I put it into one word… oh yeah! I am a certified cheater in terms of living my life normally, but I have probably earned the noble title of wisdom, enhancing me into one of those mythical, old, mysterious and half immortal beings from stories we all get the chills from.

Ok, I am not trying to be infatuated or anything… I am just putting into words, what I am feeling like, after gathering so much experience, by travelling at the speed of light and getting so much information at the same time. It’s as if you are a hard drive with super memory, and instead of hosting a few movies that you watch over and over again, mine gets filled with the ease of a river flowing, only rarely repeating a few movies. That is both a blessing and a curse, trying my best to live up to it and getting the best of both lifestyles.

But if I am to consider all superheroes, at some point, they all have to make a choice where to continue with saving the world, or retrieving the blessing back to the gods, in order to give some peace and quiet to their delicate, cursed souls.

I consider I have modernly cheated life till now, giving it immortal valance, but who knows what the mysterious future will show up, next? I am in awe with the eternal perspective, filling my veins with toxic, sweet, powerful sensations and feeding my never ending thirst for knowledge at a high speed rate, giving me a sense of endless existence.

At some point I will probably have to sadly face the fact that, physically, I am not everlasting, but I am deeply convinced that, soul-wise, the experience is boundless. I have lived a hundred lives till now and I am still counting, hoping that Einstein’s theory has a truth in it… As I accelerate in life with light speed, at least I anticipate a longer life expectancy. Not too much though… because, when I decide to stop playing with gods, I still want to end up with the loved ones waiting for me, under a normal and appropriate form and age. 😊

The story goes on….


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