I am an uneducated guy

I’ve tried to be more than that, but I haven’t succeeded so far. I know how to read and write, and sometimes the passion for drawing strikes me hard, but after the first black lines on the white sheet, I realize that, without a significant amount of talent, the passion dies and I prefer to stick with admiring the works of Stan Lee, Alan Moore or other titans of this art.

I’m passionate about music as well. During high school, I also attended the classes of School of Arts in Craiova, trying to unravel the mysteries of the instrument called, guitar. However, I had abandoned that path too, after a few months, when I realized that our teacher was never going to make a real Slash or Hammet out of me, just teaching me how to play classical music, on plastic strings.

I am an uneducated man. I don’t go to the theatre. I don’t like it… Maybe it was just faith, that pushed me towards bad plays, weak actors, or simply perhaps I am not that elevated to understand why I have to stand still in a chair for a few hours, to look at a story, which I can read about in a book, or watch in a movie. I know. I am also an oltean. We love acting more than paying a ticket to watch someone do it instead. Unfortunately, though, I can’t act as if I like being at the theatre… I prefer lighter, more easier stuff. My mind is already beaten my its own unsolved mysteries, to be loaded by other Shakespearean dilemmas too.

I am uncultivated. I listen to classical music, but I loathe going to the opera or the athenaeum. I’ve only been once, to a classical music concert in my life. We’ve had a nice coffee together and then we both went our separate ways. I prefer to lead my own concerts, at the shelter of the Red Couch, and to transform into Pavarotti while having shower, than being a spot of color into a sea of uneducated men. I’d only help ruining the image.

Although I’ve only been once at ballet in my life, it had just been a one night stand (or a morning stand, in my case) and she had persisted into stalking me, but I managed to avoid her better than a Romanian when he’s got to work ( and pops up with a blog, like someone I know). This way, I managed not to have any other affairs with this cultural branch. The ballet would be much more appealing to me, if they’d get rid of the masculine distribution (men in leggings are simply a cockblocker for me), and I’d increase the number of the ballerinas. Now, to be honest with each other…no man goes to see The Nutcracker for the nuts, right?!

I am an illiterate. I resume myself only to reading and writing. And I have a feeling that not even these two are done accordingly. But, what can I say… I’m just doing what I can.

I am more cultivated than my dog, though. He can’t either write, nor read…Hmm…but if I give this a second thought, he can go to the theatre, the opera or the ballet. Now, I am not being that sure of myself…I might be the actual uncultivated in the house. Who knows?!

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