The Red Couch

Laying down, kinda lazy, on this red couch, with a cup of tea steaming by my side, I am feeling like attending a session with a psychologist in front of this cheap LCD screen of my new laptop. It’s just that I’m at my third smoldering cup of tea already, which makes me a bit uncertain of who exactly is the pacient right now. Change of roleplay?!

Today, we’re on the stellar date of 10th of February and this is not Picard’s jurnal you’re reading. It couldn’t have actually been that, since this piece of stubborn furniture only moves when I need to clean the floor underneath it.

Theoretically, this is the journal of a red couch… damn, this tea is good! I didn’t mean to say that, but that is what came out of my mouth just now. Wait… I’ll give it another shot.

Theoretically, this is the blog of a serene, nonviolent tea consumer, killing time on this red couch, whose only conversation partners are the keyboard of this laptop and a sleeping cat (probably dizzy due to the tea smell), whose favorite place to be is the warm radiator behind him.

I have no idea what this whole thing is going to be about, but together we’ll figure out what to pick out of the hat during this journey… even thought I don’t even know why I started it in the first place. The voices made me do it, and if during one week max you haven’t heard from me again, it means that I have found the stop button on the mp3 player.

The red couch’s purpose is essential for the storyline, because at this point she is the center of my universe, laying peacefully in the middle of the living-room, the place where I have been spending all my moments of boredom and inactivity lately. My life has changed at 180 degrees during the past few years and I found myself stretched on this slightly firm and too narrow, but very red thing, starting to write down ineptitudes on this so called blog (pseudo blog) of this red piece of furniture.

Don’t worry! We will get to know each other better at my next posting. For now, my dear couch is whispering in my ear that I should take a nap, especially that the tea is almost done now…


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